Graham Spalding



With over 15+ years working in assurance, Graham has built a formidable career providing business owners, from small business owners to executives at board level, the information they need to make informed, efficient and positive change to their organisation.

A diversified and driven leader in the assurance industry, Graham first worked with OHS as an Audit Clerk in South Africa, where he was born. Graham’s talent soon propelled him to senior management positions where he worked to guide organisational leadership and business managers to success, managed teams in highly demanding circumstances and developed the strategic planning frameworks for many businesses.

In 2013, Graham founded his own company Solvexa, where he focused on financial consulting and supporting public entities in all aspects of their business. From guiding strategic direction, to credit reconciliations, preparing annual financial statements, internal and external audits and, system reviews and recommendations.

Moving to Australia end 2014 with his family, Graham handed control of Solvexa to his Partner in the organisation, so he could focus on building a new life and career on the island continent. Having worked in and across multiple industries including government, education, mining, manufacturing, construction, retail and hospitality; Graham had the opportunity and experience to work almost anywhere.

Settled in the Central Coast of NSW, Graham first worked for the Coast’s leading Chartered Accountants and Financial Planning firm, Fortunity, before turning his eye to the Central West. pmwPartners recognised Grahams’ talent and offered him the opportunity to drive the Assurance division of the company from the comfort of the Central Coast.

Graham has led the pmwPartners assurance division to success through the implementation of new strategic direction and reforms to processes and client management. Goal orientated and dependable, Graham’s passion is in helping clients build their business armed with the right information on how to do so.

When Graham is not analysing financial documents, you’ll find him appreciating the Australian coastline, learning to surf or spending time with his young family.

Specialist Areas

  • Auditing, Finance and Accounting Management
  • Quality, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Financial Reporting at Board Level
  • Process Streamlining and Optimisation
  • Business, Commercial and Operational Management
  • Design, Execution, Control and Enhancement of Strategies, Vision, Systems and Policies
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Portfolio and Project Management


  • Registered Company Auditor, Australia
  • Chartered Accountant, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Bachelor in Accountancy, Rhodes University and University of Fort Hare
  • Senior Certificate/Matric, Selborne College