COVID-19 economic support for businesses in Australia

Useful accounting and business resources to help you navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic

Over the past couple of months, we have pooled our resources in order to provide as much support and information to you and your business while we all navigate our way through the current landscape. On this page, you will find access to accounting, economic and business resources which may help you understand your entitlements from the government, how to manage staff and your business through this time of transition.


JobKeeper 2.0

On Tuesday 21 July 2020, the Government announced changes to the JobKeeper program. While information is still being released about JobKeeper 2.0, we thought it best to summarise what we know so far.  Click here to read more. 


Summary of all government initiatives

Published May 2020. We have developed a quick video summarising all government stimulus initiatives and have answered your most popular questions about JobKeeper, click the video below to watch. Otherwise, feel free to scan the information below for other helpful tools and resources we have available for you.


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New Recovery Grant expected from NSW State Government (announced June 2020)

In mid-June, the NSW Treasurer announced a new Recovery Support Grant to help small businesses reopen following the easing of restrictions state wide. Click here for further information. 


Become a COVID Safe Business

Service NSW is giving businesses the opportunity to show their commitment to safety and their community by becoming one of Australia’s COVID-Safe businesses. In three steps, one of which includes completing a Safety Plan, businesses can gain access to marketing materials to show they are in the fight to help stop the spread and are conscious of looking after their customers.

Click here to complete the COVID Safe Application 


SafeWork NSW Small Business Rebate

The $500 Small Business Rebate is open to small business owners and sole traders in NSW who buy and install equipment to make their workplace safer. Any sole trader or small business owner that has completed an eligible event with SafeWork after 1 August 2019 has 12 months to apply for the rebate.  Watch the video below to understand how to get the rebate or click here to read more. 


Newcrest Beyond the Curve Program 

Eligible small businesses in Orange, Blayney and Cabonne that have been impacted by COVID-19 can now apply for financial support through Newcrest’s Business Beyond the Curve Program.

Announced in June 2020, Newcrest has provided $500,000 for its Business Beyond the Curve Program, which is being administrated by Central NSW Business HQ and supported by the Orange Business Chamber.

Click here to learn more.




1. Managing your business through COVID-19:  

Watch: To view the webinar, click here to download (be sure to follow the prompts to download. Note: as the webinar went for two hours, the file may take a few minutes to download).

Presentation: Please click on the following link to access the slides from this webinar: pmwPlus_COVID19 Webinar Stimulus Package

Webinar held on 25th March 2020.


2. Finding your way through COVID-19, an employment and mental health: 

Presentation: Please click the following link to access the slides from this webinar: Employment and Mental Health Webinar

Note: Unfortunately there was a technical error with the recording of the webinar. Please refer to the slides for information. Thank you for your understanding.

Webinar held on 31st March 2020.


3. Where are we now? An update on the economic response to Coronavirus:

Watch: To view the webinar, click here to download (be sure to follow the prompts). Please note; the video file is quite large, please give some time for the file to download before you press play.

Presentation: Please click on the following link to access the slides from this webinar: Update on the Government Economic Response_15.04.2020_Slides

Webinar held on 15 April 2020. 


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COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

Published 31st March

Understand your Fair Work and Fair Trading obligations

Understanding JobKeeper


For Individuals

How to claim COVID-19 stimulus benefits

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to go about applying for the Coronavirus Supplement, Economic Support Payment, Job Seeker, Youth Allowance and Parenting Payment options which are now available to you from the Government. Download here: COVID-19 – Job Seeker, Youth Allowance, Parenting Payment Fact Sheet

New working from home shortcut – announcement from the ATO

The Australian Taxation Office has announced a new working from home policy as a result of the coronavirus. This policy will make it easier for people to claim deductions when working from home. Read the official statement here.

What expenses can I claim now that I’m working from home? 

As mentioned in the point above, the ATO has announced a new working from home policy. We’ve summarised these rules for you in our latest blog article, click here to read more. 


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Commercial Tenancy Code of Conduct

Click the following link to view the National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct for Commercial Leasing Principles: national-cabinet-mandatory-code-ofconduct-sme-commercial-leasing-principles

This document provides an understanding of the mutual responsibilities which landlords, tenants and banks (Australian & foreign) have to each other as we all navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.



Looking for more information about your circumstances? Contact our team today. We at pmwPlus have rolled our sleeves and we are here for you and your business.