Tips for switching off during the holidays

The holiday season is once again here and with it comes time to relax, focus on family and friends and take stock on what is really important in life. Unless you’re a small business owner. Every small business owner knows that being away from the office can be just as stressful as being in it. Phone calls from employees dealing with a minor crisis will pull your focus from your…  Read more

Weirdest Tax Time excuses the ATO has ever seen

The ATO have recently given examples of some of the weirdest Tax Time excuses they’ve ever received, and they’re hilarious! Read all about them below:   1. “Someone has stolen my pants”   One taxpayer claimed to have a thief break into their car and steal their pants containing all proof of purchase.   2. “I’ve got holiday brain”   As an excuse for late lodgment, one taxpayer claimed to…  Read more

Using Smart Goals to Achieve More

As a small business owner, you’re likely to be always looking for ways to achieve more. Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution about it. You might have resolved to make more money, find more clients, or grow your business. It’s fantastic to have an idea of what you want to do, but how will you know whether or not you’re successful? That’s where SMART goals come in. SMART goals…  Read more