Top Small Business Leadership Tips

As an entrepreneur, you must have functional leadership skills. It goes with the territory. These skills are key to managing and motivating employees, communicating with customers and inspiring people through your clear company vision. No, leadership is not one-dimensional: there are plenty of different approaches to the practice of good leadership. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how entrepreneurs can become better leaders . There’s no denying that running a…  Read more

Why Every Company Director Now Needs a Director ID (DIN)

If you’re a director of an Australian company—or you plan to be—please read on. All existing directors (and intending directors) of Australian companies should be aware that the Australian Government has announced the introduction of a new mandatory Director Identification Number (DIN) system. (You’ll notice the term director ID is also used for DIN.) This system is the initial step in the Modernising Business Registry (MBR) Program which has been…  Read more

Is Your Family Home At Risk?

If you are a business owner, there are plenty of things you need to manage, and two of the most important of these are assets and risks. In other words, building your wealth and protecting your wealth. There’s no point building a lot of wealth if the way you have things structured behind the scenes means that someone could take your assets away from you. Unfortunately, many business owners are…  Read more