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In today’s competitive market, it isn’t easy for a business to grow organically. Often, businesses state “sales growth” as their primary objective, forcing employees to act reactively to chase short-term results.

There are mountains of case studies and research proving short-term sales strategies leave a business vulnerable. The structures or defensive barriers aren’t built to weather metaphorical storms which may hit later in the business’ life cycle.

Everything a business does must be for the benefit of the target market. The pmwStrategic marketing team specialise in focusing objectives on ensuring a business makes long-term and meaningful impact on the lives of customers.

Effective marketing can be the difference between going broke or going global. Our process starts with understanding your business goals, which in turn then informs the marketing strategy.

Marketing Process:

  1. Marketing Strategy informs the business strategy

  2. Marketing Plan

  3. Implementation and measurement

  4. Success

Strategy is the thinking, and planning is the doing

We help you to better position your business by first clearly understanding and agreeing on a marketing strategy. This strategic thinking then gives us a roadmap to roll out the marketing plan, followed by tactical campaign implantation, measurement and management reporting.

A marketing plan is broken down in more detail as follows:


What does your ideal and most profitable customer need? Discover and create the solution around this. Everything revolves around the consumer – from initial awareness (acquisition) through to repeat lifetime value (retention).


What is your price position in they market and how do your prices affect the consumer at point of purchase (POP)? What price is your most valued customer prepared to pay for your product or service, and will they buy it again and again?


How and where does the customer buy what you’re selling? Is it all done online, or do they need to touch and experience the product first? Do you only rely on a sophisticated and complex network or reseller?


What, why, how & where we communicate (advertising, public relations, social media etc.) to best reach your most valuable customers?

We’ll help you work out a detailed marketing strategy and plan that’s focused on the type of clients you want to win and the smartest marketing communication tactics to reach them at the right price point. We’ll then help you implement the recommended actions and keep you on track and accountable.

We’re there to deliver data-driven focused strategy and results to help you grow your business and meet your goals.

As an extension of your business, we can act as your outsourced marketing department, work with you to deliver a specific marketing project or manage a certain aspect of your day-to-day marketing. We’re there to make it happen.

Why outsource your marketing function?

  • Imagine finally having someone there to get marketing done. With pmwPlus, marketing is taken care of, professionally and effectively, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your core business.


  • Marketing can make a big difference to your strategic business plans and sales outcomes. pmwPlus is all about accountable marketing that makes a difference and delivers measurable results.


  • Avoid the high cost of an in-house marketing team. Imagine having a dedicated marketing resource at a fraction of the cost of an in-house marketing team and without extra overhead or recruitment costs. You have the control, freedom and flexibility to scale your marketing needs as you need them.

Find your edge

We’re here to help you find your competitive edge and grow your business. The team at pmwPlus treat your business as if it’s our own, so we want to see you succeed.

Marketing Services

  • Strategic Marketing & Planning
  • B2B, B2C, B2E and B2G marketing strategies
  • Repositioning & branding strategies
  • Market expansion strategies
  • New product or service launch
  • Relationship marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media
  • Distribution strategies
  • Pricing strategies

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