Nine Ways to Become a Better Investor

Everyone would like to become a better investor. People get into a twist trying this method and that only to abandon them for the next new thing. There’s an easier way, and it involves following a few simple suggestions. Stop watching the market and start your watching stocks Just because the market is frothy doesn’t mean your stock’s price is. Just because the market is sinking doesn’t mean your stock…  Read more

There’s More to Risk Than Volatility: How to Invest Beyond Speculation

Most investors would love to be the next Warren Buffet, arguably the most successful investor ever, and yet many investors ignore his investment methods. Instead, they follow simple tricks and use simple definitions that miss undervalued stocks primed for growth. Successful investors such as Buffet take a broader view of investing and consider many commonplace investment ideas nonsensical, including the idea that and risk and volatility are one and the same.…  Read more

Wealth the Warren Buffett way – a short guide to value investing

Value investing is the stock selection strategy famously used by business magnate and third wealthiest person in the world, Warren Buffett, whose total net worth exceeds $91.5 billion. Developed in the 1930s by Columbia University professor and economist, Ben Graham, value investing involves screening securities to find stocks undervalued relative to peers and the market. Stocks are then assessed for their intrinsic value, determined by a fundamental metric—such as the…  Read more