“Incredibly easy and stress-free process”

I would like to thank pmwFinance so very much for all of the help we received. The team made the process incredibly easy and stress-free. I honestly do not think we would have gotten everything done if it wasn’t for the knowledge, skills, and organisation provided. I appreciate all of the work pmwFinance has done for us and I will definitely be recommending pmwFinance to friends and family.

Chloe Whitney, Happy Home Owner

“Great way at explaining things simply”

Thank you so much for all the work pmwFinance did in working to secure our loan! The pmwFinance team have a great way at explaining things simply, which worked really well for us having never borrowed a large sum of money before!

Grace Rummery, Happy Home Owner

“Keen understanding, made the process enjoyable!”

I make all my property purchases through pmwFinance. I met Matt over 10 years ago and he assisted me in purchasing my first property.  As a young person entering the property market, the process looked incredibly complicated. Matt had such patience and a keen understanding of my position, he made the process enjoyable! I understood every step of the process and knew he had my best interests at heart. Since that first great experience, there have been several more! I recommend Matt and the pmwFinance team to all friends and family.

Clint Harwood, Happy Home and Investment Property Owner

“You saved me from so much unnecessary stress!”

Thank you to the pmwFinance team for such a fantastic purchasing experience!  I have recommended you to everyone I’ve talked with about my positive home loan experience. It’s been an absolute pleasure and you saved me from so much unnecessary stress – I am truly obliged to you for everything you’ve done.

Jen A, Happy Home Owner