It’s just proper speak for businesses

We have a passion for systematic processes and corporate communications. All this means is we like to help create the communication tools businesses need in order to communicate effectively with stakeholders (internally/staff and target audiences/clients/customers).

Consistency is so important across all forms of corporate communications. It is key to building a strong brand that consumers can identify amongst competitors, it’s even better when they relate to your brand. How you communicate across all platforms must reflect your branding as a whole, for example, from your social media posts, to the text on your website, your emails, right down to how you answer the phone in the office. Consistency, consistency, consistency!

It can be hard to remain consistent, especially with no plans or policies in place. This is where we can help:

  • Understanding your brand persona and bringing it to life
  • Articulating your Mission, Vision and Values
  • Defining your corporate branding
  • Client communication policies for staff (templates for certain situations)
  • Create social media policies for internal and external use
  • Public Relations policies (for example, issues management strategies/media policies)

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