The benefits of family advisory boards

    Every business, large or small, deserves to be run as professionally as possible.  By setting up the right structure you can give your family business the best chance of success. While the family knows your business inside out, it can be helpful to have independent parties on hand to provide an external perspective. A family advisory board can offer fresh insight and perspective, giving your enterprise the edge.…  Read more

Why it’s important to define roles in a family-owned business

  Whether you’re running a small family business or one that employs dozens of people, defining roles and governance is vital for any SME. The basic roles in a company include ownership, governance, management, and operational. Setting out a clear structure can bring long-term benefits and prepare your company for growth. Ownership aside from literally owning the business, these are the people responsible for setting out an effective governance structure…  Read more

The key to succession planning success

  So you’ve created your company from nothing, put years of blood, sweat and tears into its success, and retirement is just around the corner.  What do you do next? If you’re one of the lucky people who have an exit strategy, congratulations.  If you’re unsure what will happen, it’s time to think about succession planning. Succession can mean a number of things: handing over the reins to a new…  Read more